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Justice and Security Green Paper Response

(29 May 2012) The Government has today published the Response to the Public Consultation on Justice and Security

In relation to oversight of the agencies the Commissioner is quoted as saying that any system of oversight needed to cover issues of legality and resourcing. He says:

  • The system should not be overly burdensome on the Agencies and should inspire public confidence.
  • The role of the Commissioners was to consider legality and he would not be comfortable going beyond that.
  • Issues of resourcing and policy in the Agencies were ultimately for the Intelligence and Security Committee to oversee.
  • It was for the government of the day through its Ministers to decide on operational policy pursued by the Agencies, in relation to which they would be answerable to Parliament and ultimately the electorate.
  • Overall, he proposed that the present system of oversight should be retained but expanded to strike the right balance between government, parliamentary and judicial oversight.
  • He saw public confidence as being the key issue.

A full copy of the Commissioner’s response can be found here:

29 May 12