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Prime Minister puts Intelligence Services Commissioner's oversight of Consolidated Guidance onto a statutory footing - our reaction

We welcome the Prime Minister’s Written Ministerial Statement announcing the Direction he has given to the Right Hon. Sir Mark Waller, under section 59A of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. The Direction means that Sir Mark’s work overseeing how Intelligence Officers and Service Personnel comply with the Consolidated Guidance on the Detention and Interviewing of Detainees Overseas, and on the Passing and Receipt of Intelligence Relating to Detainees, is now on a statutory footing.

Sir Mark said:
"I am pleased the Prime Minister has agreed to put my oversight of the Consolidated Guidance onto a statutory footing. I believe this will help increase public confidence in how our Intelligence and Service personnel deal with these difficult issues and in how they are held to account for their actions."

Sir Mark first started overseeing compliance with the Consolidated Guidance when it was first made public in July 2010 and has reported his findings in his Annual Reports ever since, and he will continue to do so.

27 Nov 14