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International Intelligence Review Agency Conference

(14 Jul 2014) The challenges of intelligence oversight: Balancing Privacy and Security

On 7th – 9th July 2014 the Intelligence Services Commissioner co-hosted the ninth IIRAC in London. This year’s conference focused on the complex balance between protecting an individual’s right to privacy and ensuring our collective right to security.

The Home Secretary opened the conference on 7th July saying

The conference was attended by oversight mechanisms from 15 different countries including the United States of America and South Africa. The Commissioner attended with his Chief of Staff. Privacy safeguards continue to be a priority for the Commissioner so he was particularly interested to hear the views of his counterparts in other democratic countries.

The conference provided an expert forum for legislators and senior office holders working in the field of intelligence oversight to:

  • Identify current international challenges and drivers:
  • Consider emerging concerns that impact domestically and internationally:
  • Exchange ideas and compare models of accountability, including lessons learned and good practice:
  • Support countries in development of intelligence oversight mechanisms drawing on the experience of countries with existing structures: and
  • Broaden dialogue and expand the expert network towards further international collaboration.

14 Jul 14